Your level head is showing again, thank you

#1 Can he do the job? I have no doubt he can, he’s done similar before and excelled and remember the sign we have, he’s the one who created it in calligraphy it says “Impossible is only a word to measure the degree of difficulty.” It’s been his motto for as long as I’ve known him.

#2. That’s an option we haven’t considered, it is a possible one. Thank you.

#3. Oh boy, we hadn’t thought about his reaction if they put someone in the position that isn’t suited for it at all. It could ruin both his and ds’ attitude with the company entirely if they put a jerk who has never actually worked in AutoCad in the position—he worked for one company that happened with and it wasn’t pretty at all. I’ll mention this thought to him.

#4. While back in the 70’s I made leisure suits—and in fact some since then for costume shops, I don’t think I’d try the type he would need with the expensive materials it would need to be made out of. Most of the seamstresses I know have retired. I’ll have to mull that one over.

He’s on his way home now—it’s his half day, and we’ll be here alone so we’ll discuss it more when he’s here.

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