Millions of people voted for Hitler

How do you think they felt when he had millions executed? Was the fact that everyone else voted for him something that made them feel better?

There’s a saying I’d use that was recently used in Batman Begins. It’s our actions that define us. Do you want to be defined by porn? Do you want to look your daughter or son in the eyes and know that you’re helping sell sex, which includes lies and deception to get teens to have sex on camera without having realized that means millions will be watching them? Will you feel good if you invest in porn, then find that one of those companies you invest in has hired your daughter to have sex with someone older than you and she gets a few hundred dollars or a few thousand, but it means for the rest of her life, there are videos floating around on the Internet and on people’s hard drives and on DVDs for her and her husband and her kids and you to see?

Do you like that idea and do you like defining yourself as someone who helps do that to other men’s daughters and sons?

Is that something you would be proud of doing and proud to tell your kids that you do?

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