I am under contract 200 days for the school district

I typically get to school at 630 and leave at 430. That is 10 hour day and then I work 1-2 hour s every night and at least 5 hours every weekend. This past summer I went to 4 conferences for 16 days. Let’s call it a typical 8 hour day. That means the past year I have worked approx. 5808 hours. To be fair I will round it to 5800 hours. That means I make 8.27 and hour. I have 2 BS degrees, I finish my MA in December and am going to for an additional one. Really the person that makes a Big Mac has more responsibility than me? I am not complaining about my salary. I knew when I became a teacher that I was asking for long hours. I am lucky I get to work a job I love. But really? Work the hours I work and then whine. Most business owners work what I do plus some and they are not whining. If you do not like your pay/situation go to school and change it.

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