I agree

no matter what you do for a living … physician, teacher, ditch digger. If you don’t like your hours, pay, or work environment, then take action to change it. In today’s world when you sign on for a job, you know what your pay will be either hourly, weekly, or monthly. You can pretty much figure out about how many hours you’ll have to work in a given field. If it doesn’t suit your temperament or financial needs/goals, then move on.

Here in Louisiana we often hear from teachers about how under paid they are. As Jenn pointed out teachers often take home work, go in early, etc. What the teachers fail to realize is … they have a choice. They can work to increase pay or find another job. Here is a link to a website about pay for Louisiana teachers.

In our particular parish (county to everyone else), the school system has wasted so much money and every year are asking for more and more money, much like the federal government. Our parish is getting $11,000 per student and they still are getting a crappy education taught by teachers who spend more time complaining about this or that than anything else. A school tax came up w/in the last year for vote and it was raise that particular tax 333%!! Yes, 333%! Do I even have to say it failed?

Now, we do have a few private schools who have much less $$ per student each year and are giving a quality education by teachers who seek out those schools to teach in … at much less pay. These teachers who moved to private schools made a sacrifice of monthly pay and retirement to better their teaching situation to schools who have administrators who back up the teachers.

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