CEOs have responsibilities most never want

If there is accounting fraud, they can now go to jail. they have to manage HR and Finance and every other department, plus if they are public, deal with Wall street and the investors. Even if the CEO was paid less, it does’t mean the guy at the cashier station would make more money. Why would you pay a HS graduate $30 to take money for food orders? Many items in Fast Food are going to be automated. We don’t need someone taking our orders. You can order at a kiosk or on your phone now. I use the Which Wich app because the store near me has long lines. I order 20 minutes before I want lunch and go walk down and pick it up. There are places where you order on the screen and pick up the food. Drinks are automated at McD and I am pretty sure french fries are as well. So really, it will come down to a few people putting orders together or making sure there is ketchup in the machine.

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