As you all know ds is getting ready to enroll at the local community college

The basic tuition for him—no grants anything is $73 per credit hour with the single class he’s wanting to take being 3 credit hours. Then of course there are the lab fees, activity fees, and of course the ever terrifying textbooks—he is VERY familiar with used text books. He makes a good grade the company is going to pay for it all. We have no doubt he’ll make a good grade.

Because of not being diligent about classes when he first went to the state college in 1993 and changing his major three times he came out of college owing in excess of $60,000 in 2000, but by golly he had his degree—even if it was in starvation. That is a huge difference in costs right there, considering he also had pell grants a partial scholarship and work-study one year. He’s still paying for that. It is the only debt he owes and he’s hammering away at it hard now.

He paid cash for his vo-tech classes that got him the job he has now and loves. Those ran him $100 per class period. But then we already had the textbooks. The classes were 2 nights a week, at four hours per night. He paid cash.

As I mentioned earlier my bil went to a state college branch nearby on the displaced workers act and it actually paid him to go. Because he is Native American he could have got financial assistance from the Creek Nation as well, but that might have messed up his other financing.

My niece used the displaced workers act this last winter to be trained as a nurse assistant ( I forget what initials it has) for free. She was told then after she had worked awhile she could go back to study for a higher nursing degree for free or near free as well.

My grand niece is now taking that same free education.

My nephew in law took advantage of it to learn to be an auto mechanic.

So there is free or near free education out there to be had if you look hard enough for it.

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