Ahhh, the choices speech

My kids hated that speech when they were growing up. Today they both say it was that speech that helped them to stop and think about the choices they were making throughout life. Not what the instant gratification would be with an easy choice, but what the long term goal was.
While my kids are not perfect (not by a loooooong shot) they have both turned out just fine. Yeah, dd is a vegetarian that was brought up knowing all about beef production (granny and my parents both raised cattle) and she’s a polar opposite to the other three of us on political matters, but she’s a good person that takes responsibility for all her own choices. Ds—you already know all about. The point is either one of them could have gone toward “the government owes me a living” attitude based on the choices their aunt and many of their cousins made, but they chose instead to get good educations (ds is starting on the art degree in the spring classes). Neither is rich, but they are happy with what they have and enjoy their jobs.

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