Actually I think you nailed it

Folks who have made careful choices, and made an effort to improve their lives, no matter their starting point or setbacks, are the ones who eventually come out on top. Those who want the free ride, or the easy path, will complain as their path gets a little challenging. Even if their challenges are a lot less than others.

What I don’t like in this whole conversation though, is that there is such a huge discrepancy between the ends of the scale. Payscale has nothing to do, and never did have anything to do, with the amount of hard work someone has to do or had to do, to get where they are. In my little fantasy world of how life “should” be, pay would be equivalent to the effort required to get somewhere, and the effort required to stay there (in terms of how challenging the work is). But it doesn’t work out that way. We all know blue-collar folks who can work, and think, circles around folks who make 4x or 10x their salary. And we all know folks who were lucky enough to be born into circumstances that gave them an easy ticket. I loved the movie Trading Places which talked about this a little bit.

I guess my “takeaway” from all this is that any one of us can find ourselves tossed out in the cold at some point and have to rebuild our lives from scratch. Working at one of these minimum wage jobs is often part of that process, regardless of where we started or how old we are at the time. Even as we ensure that folks don’t take advantage of it, are there ways we can make it easier for them to get out of poverty? Maybe a tad more sympathy for the folks scratching and clawing their way back up the qualify of life scale, particularly from folks who haven’t had that big “Reset – Start Over” button pushed in their lives.

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