A situation has came up at dh’s work

that may require him to make a pretty big choice and I’m not sure how to advise him on it in the numerous discussions we’ve been having on it.
Remember that white board I mentioned earlier in the week. Well one of the purposes of that meeting is because dh/ds’ direct supervisor is leaving the company—that’s a long story for another time, but during that meeting the company owner mentioned that he’s considering replacing the man with someone inside the company rather than hire them from outside the company as they normally do for that position—another long story. The owner asked for volunteers.
No dh did not volunteer, but he was nominated by various other employees. One guy volunteered himself for the pay raise and the owner hemhawed around about the volunteer. However, the owner has came to dh and asked if he’d be willing to take the management training course that the supervisor has mentioned to dh in passing a few times recently.
It seems they’ve known for a while the supervisor was leaving next week and he has put dh’s name in as his replacement.

However, dh is at 6’s and 7’s about the idea for the following reasons:

1.He’s held similar positions before and knows how serious the stress can be with such a job.

2.The management course would take 12 months to complete and he’s planning on retiring after he is fully vested with his 401 K in late 2015 or early 2016 if all goes according to plan 2017 at the latest, but it all could speed up based on various variables in our game plan, including exactly how the fully vested is wrote up—he might not want to wait for that. So he’s concerned that he wouldn’t be being fair to the company as far as the expense of the training goes. I have pointed out that any time he gave them would not only benefit them, but the training could benefit him if anything ever happened to me and he needed to take over the financial management of the household.

3.He and ds are both concerned that there might be “problems” with the fact that someone would at anytime think dh was favoring ds in any manner, although he is already ds’ boss. This one is a big concern for him. He’s actually harder on ds than he is on the others under him. The owner has told us numerous times that he is proud the way dh handles the situation with ds working there and how lucky they are to have both of them. Ds has already been doing a lot of things for others in the company that dh formerly did.

4.It could turn into a salaried rather than hourly position and the hours could be very long with no overtime pay. Of course there would be a considerable pay bump, but…

5.The current supervisor does a lot of field work, business meetings, travel etc. Dh isn’t certain if this is required or if the fellow went out in the field a lot because he has often stated he preferred to be in the field. While dh doesn’t mind some field work, he doesn’t want to spend all his time away from the office like the current fellow does. But if he did he might want me to travel with him at times—which isn’t a problem for either us or the owner.

6.If he was to travel he’d be required to carry a company credit card… We’d want to check on the legal ramifications of that—could he be held liable if the company suddenly defaulted on the card? We’re afraid he could be based on what has happened to some of our friends. We’d have to try and work a way around that one for certain.

7.We’d have to improve his wardrobe to include suits, and trust me big men’s suits that are made to fit right are NOT cheap.

8.He really likes what he is doing now, but at times he’s super stressed with it too and ready to walk off from it. Keisha can testify to my concerns about that part.

9.He wants to be offered the position, but he’s not sure he wants the position. He thinks he does, but he’s not certain.

So far I’ve told him the choice is his. It would increase our income considerably if we understand the water cooler talk properly, but would it be worth it? His main concerns boil down to he’s afraid he won’t be good enough—which ds and I both know he would be because he’s done similar positions before and excelled at them, and that he’d feel he would need to put off retirement longer to be fair to the company for the educational money.

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